Happy 20th Birthday CHIKA ❤

Finally, this day has come JULY 22, 2012. The day I turn 20 years old. I can't believe I'm turning 20 years old already! It's shocking and exciting to turn a year older today.
I just want to say all my thanks on my blog. Let's start! :D

Thank you ISHWW for this special day and I got to celebrate with special people. Thank you for giving me another year to live my diary of life. Thank you also for always looking out for me and always by my side. Astungkara my life will be guided by you through everything.

Thank you for my special superHERO, Mama Dearest. The person who gave birth to me, guided me, taught me, and loved me. Thank you for today. Even though you were sick, you still wanted to cook and buy a birthday cake for me. Thank you so much! <3

Thank you for my beloved SISTER & BFF, Caithlyn Dwi Agustina Astra, for the wishes and blessing. I wish you were here to celebrate with me but I'm thankful enough you remembered my birthday. Thank you little one :*

Thank you for my BFFs, Dita, Novi, Intan, April and Andry. Thank you for remembering my birthday. Even though we didn't celebrate it together but thank you for remembering. :') Miss you :*

Thank you my hubby, Girindra for the blessing and wishes wish there were more than that. A little disappointed but it's okay. Thank you though for remembering. :* miss you love you.

Thank you for FIBCNY. Thank you so much since the first day I arrived in NY you all were so welcoming and today it's my birthday I'm so grateful to celebrate with you guys. You made it so special and cheerful. It was a special day today for me getting to celebrate with each and every one of you. I'll cherish this day forever. Love you!

Thank you Youth of FIBCNY. Thank you for the card. It's lovely and I will put it up somewhere in my room. Thank you to Kelleh for the present, "Love Spell" (wish I can use it on someone. LOL). Thank you Uwak Barlian & Kak Juita for the card and gift card. That's very thoughtful of you. Thank you for Kak Tiff, Kak Amanda, Kak Fitha, Kak Tim, Kak Marc, Kak Lewi, Kelleh, Kak Theresia, Kak Beverly, Alex, Kak Tica, Kak Juita, Kak Melia, Kak Pierre, Kak Ima, Kak Johnny, and never forget Shirley for everything. You've all been so nice and welcoming to me. Hope we all can be close soon, give me a little bit more time. Thank you <3

Thank you for all my family in LA or BALI for the birthday blessings and thank you for the family in BALI that didn't remember at all, astungkara ISHWW will always bless you.

Thank you for all my friends for the birthday wishes and blessings. Through BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and phone. Just so thankful today.

#birthdaywish : This year I become a better person, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend, my diet becomes a success, I get a job soon, get my accounting certificate soon too, and next year my own dad will remember his daughter's own birthday. Thank you Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

Thank you JULY 22, 2012 <3


​Happy 14th Birthday my baby sister, Caithlyn Dwi Agustina Astra ♥

​Happy 14th Birthday my Caithlyn Dwi Agustina Astra ({}) (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)

You're getting so big now! It just felt like yesterday mommy gave birth to you. :')

Hope you have an amazing birthday and a great time with your friends. At least I can see your smile on your birthday even though I'm not there to celebrate it.

Love always your big sister,

Chicha ❤


What's Your Korean Name?

I. Surname : Korean surname is the
last number in your year of birth.

0: Park
1: Kim
2: Shin
3: Choi
4: Song
5: Kang
6: Han
7: Lee
8: Sung
9: Jung

II. Middle name : is your month of birth.

1: Yong
2: Ji
3: Je
4: Hye
5: Dong
6: Sang
7: Ha
8: Hyo
9: Soo
10: Eun
11: Hyun
12: Rae

III. Name : is your date of birth.

1: Hwa
2: Woo
3: Joon
4: Hee
5: Kyo
6: Kyung
7: Wook
8: Jin
9: Jae
10: Hoon
11: Ra
12: Bin
13: Sun
14: Ri
15: Soo
16: Rim
17: Ah
18: Ae
19: Neul
20: Mun
21: In
22: Mi
23: Ki
24: Sang
25: Byung
26: Seok
27: Gun
28: Yoo
29: Sup
30: Won
31: Sub

The names might be good or weird .. but still let's have fun !!! ☺❤