Selamat Hari Raya Galungan Dan Kuningan

Om Swastiastu,

Bagi yang Balinese dan merayakan Hari Raya ini, saya sekeluarga ingin mengucapkan "Selamat Hari Raya Galungan dan Kuningan." Moga" kalian semua di lindungi sama Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om.

To all the Balinese and the people who celebrate this ceremony, my family and I would like to say, "Happy Galungan and Kuningan Day." Hope that all of you will be protected by Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.


Friendship ❤

Friendship. Banyak yg bilang kl Friendship ato Persahabatan itu penting apalagi bagi kaum remaja. Emank benar sih. Dgn persahabatan yg kuat dan pergaulan, kaum remaja bisa mencari jati diri. That's what I heard.

Apa sih arti dr persahabatan itu sendiri? Friendship or Persahabatan adalah teman yg bisa diandalkan saat suka duka, setia, selalu jujur dan percaya antara satu ama lain.

Nggak semua teman disekolah ato kenalan bisa kayak sahabat. Hanya sahabat lah yg bisa kamu mengakui TRUE FRIENDS!

Menurutmu apa itu persahabatan? Apakah kalian sudah menemukan sahabatmu? Comment dibawah ini dan jgn lupa follow blogku. ☺






Love is such a strong word. Even a strong feeling! Love can sometimes make us blind. Sometimes it can make us crazy like it's some kind of drug. Sometimes it can also be serious. It can also be hurtful.

Love is wonderful thing in our life. We learn how to love one another, from family, friends, best friends, and even special people in our life.

You don't have to be an expert in Love or what people call now a days is "Love Doctor." Love is a learning experience. You can learn from your mistakes when you love somebody. That's why in love and dating there are steps or process to find the true meaning of love itself.

It's not that I'm an expert in love or anything, but I felt it, the way a person is suppose to love another. From getting to know one another, dating, caring, loving, and now trusting.

I felt hurt and happiness with my boyfriend and we can always get thru our relationship. Even though we're far away now, we always know we love each other and have to trust one another.

Love can just change someone's life. Just like it changed mine. ❤


자기 소개 한국어 버전

안녕. 내 이름은 제시카하지만 당신은 내게 Chika를 호출할 수 있습니다. 나는 1992년 7월 22일에서 태어났습니다. 나는 로스 앤젤레스에서 태어났습니다. 내 취미는 사진을 찍고 사진을 편집하고 있습니다. 내가 가장 좋아하는 밴드는 SS5​​01과 카라이다. 난 그들의 음악을 듣고 사랑 해요.

제가 좋은 한국어를 쓸 수 없습니다. 그럼 그게 다야! 나중에 봐요. 독서 주셔서 감사합니다!


People I LOVE ☺ ❤

The people I LOVE ❤ :
1. MOM, Nanih Karim ❤
Mama is really a special person in my life. She has always been there for me thru think and thin. Even though she loves to tease me, but I still love her and I know she loves me too! She is my SUPERMOM. If I were making a comic book, she would be my number 1 character.
My Mama :)

2. Caithlyn, baby sister ❤
Even though she's getting bigger and bigger, she will always be my baby sister. We always do EVERYTHING together. We're really close even though we fight a lot. We're like paper and glue! 난 그녀가 너무 사랑해! ❤
Caithlyn & Me being narcissistic 

3. Ethan, baby brotha ❤
Ethan. Ethan. Ethan. He's sometimes a pain, but I still love him. I guess without him in my life, it feels empty. He brings the laughter in me. And sometimes the anger too.
Me & Ethan so narcissistic 

4. BF, Girindra Diksita ❤
He is the BEST BF EVER! Can't say it in a lot of words but hey he's the BEST to me. He's childish, but I guess I like him that way sometimes. It's kind of cute! ❤
GiriChika ;smooch; :*

5. BFFs, Dita & Nouvhi ❤
Their the best! Dita has been my best friend since my high school years. We're really close and we act like sisters! We do everything together. Nouvhi has been my friend since the 11 Grade. And we meet wasn't that pretty! But we started over and became the BFFs. She's just a great person. A pal to talk to, to laugh with, to be narcissistic with, she's a lot of fun to hang. They're the best thing that happened in my life!
BFFs :*

6. Andry, pretend adopted son ❤
The way I met him was pretty funny though, it's like it was yesterday. Girindra and me were on the way going somewhere and all of the sudden Andry told him to pick him up at school. So we picked him up, the 3 of us on a motorcycle. We laughed about it on the way home and Andry kept on calling me 'Mama' from that day till now sometimes. And now he's just the person I can always count on!
Chika & Andry @ manggrove :)



What is our purpose in LIFE? Some people think is going to school, working, being married and having the perfect family but is there more to our LIFE? Why did GOD create us? How did GOD create us? What does GOD want us to do in LIFE?
People say "GOD is the one who created us and this world." That's true but why? So we can be GOD's toy? Or is there another purpose in LIFE?
Why do we live like this? Why do we feel so many emotions? Why do people hurt one another? Why can we like one another especially other genders?
People have so many questions about LIFE even I do sometime. I wonder what should I do in LIFE. What's my purpose? Why do people hurt me just for being nice to others? So many questions that can't be answer. The only answer from other people will always be "be strong and be patience." People can always say that because other people don't feel like what I have felt in LIFE.



Today, I went to my mom's church even though I'm NOT Christian I go to church just to accompany my mom. Is that wrong?
I'm Hindu. My mom used to be Hindu but when my mom and dad separated, my mom moved to Christian. That's why.
I learned something at church today. Well I learn about it also at my school at Bali from my religion teacher too.
It was about people that believes more in what other people say than in GOD or I call Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (ISHWW). He told us, we should believe in GOD no matter what. But people now a days believe more in what other people say, like gossiping about people that isn't even true. That's wrong. We should just trust our hearts and in GOD. Why should we listen what people are saying or even doing. That's not even right.
If some kids at your school were using drugs would you join them because they say drugs are for cool kids? Think smart and do the right thing!
If somebody told you your roommate likes to steal but you don't have no proof, would you stop talking to him/her in a instant? Would you believe that? Think and ask GOD!
If your friend talks bad things about your best friend in front of you, what would you say? What would you do? Believe him/her?
People just sometimes don't think straight and just BELIEVE! That's wrong! Don't just BELIEVE in other people, BELIEVE in yourself and in GOD.
Whatever religion you are doesn't matter. We all learn the same thing in different languages. So you don't have to be Christian just to learn this. I'm Hindu and I learn this. I bet all religions teach you the same thing.
Just remember to believe in your GOD and believe in yourself than believe in other people especially what they say it sometimes aren't true. Find the facts and then figure it out!



Everybody loves to gossip, right? Women & men are the same actually and at any age. They can gossip about anything & anybody! In your opinion, is gossiping right or wrong?

Gossiping is one of the really bad habits of people. I know not everybody loves to gossip, but it's one of the top bad habits.

I have a story about a lady that likes to gossip a lot. (The names aren't real in my story).

Her name is Rachel. She has a friend named Katie. Katie trust her so much, she would always tell her problems with Rachel. Rachel on the other hand is a good friend to Katie but she has a big mouth. She can babble anything with anybody.
One day, Rachel had plans with her friend Tori, which was Katie's friend also. Rachel and Tori met at a diner and had lunch together. The talked and talked and then Rachel spilled Katie's secret to Tori. She forgot she wasn't supposed to tell anybody but she didn't seem to care.
The next day, Katie heard from Tori about her secret. Katie was surprised! How did Tori found out? Tori said that Rachel told me the other day but don't tell her I told you.
Katie was very angry at Rachel but anger wasn't going to solve anything. She was hurt too because she thought she could trust Rachel. She decided to not talk to Rachel until she apologized for her mistake.

From that story, we know that gossiping about somebody's problem or secret is a wrong thing. If our friend told us not to tell anybody, we should just shut our mouths instead of telling people. We can hurt people's feelings from doing that as well.

So from now on, we should gossip about what's right. Not talking about people's problems and secrets we know about. It's wrong because we can hurt somebody even though we were talking behind their backs. Gossipers!


I Miss You All

November 29, 2011

I remember this date so well. It felt like it was yesterday I left. I had to leave my sister & brother, my boyfriend, my BFFs, and the place where I grew up for 9 years, BALI.
It was so difficult for me to leave. I had so much memories. So many things that I had to cry about.
I remembered before I left that night, my boyfriend, Girindra, had college. He's friends and even he's teacher were so supporting. He got to home earlier just to take me to the airport. In my heart and mind, that was the most sweetest thing EVER! It made me cry just thinking about it.
It was hard even to say goodbye to my best friend FOREVER, Dita. We cried together when I came to her house. We did everything together. We always had time for each other. And suddenly, we're gonna be far away it was hard for both of us. She's like my own sister! Just thinking about her, I miss her even more.
The most difficult people to say goodbye and see you soon was my little sister and brother, Caithlyn and Ethan. 9 years together and suddenly we're apart again. I cried hugging each one and they tried not to cry in front of me but I kept crying till I got inside.


  • Caithlyn Dwi Agustina A.
  • Ethan Ryan Satria N.
  • I Pt. Girindra Diksita
  • I Wayan Andriana
  • Ni Made Ayu Noviantari
  • Putu IndraDita

Dita, Nouvhi, and Me

Caithlyn, Me, and Ethan

Sayang, Me, and Andry

Caithlyn & Me

Chika & Dita


Power of Love ❤ (Indonesian Version)

Semua orang di seluruh dunia pasti merasakan cinta. Dari balita hingga tua. Itu hal yang wajar khan?!
Kekuatan cinta dari siapapun bisa buat kita buka mata kita. Buka cara pandang hidup kita.
Kekuatan cinta bukan hanya dari pacar atau sang kekasih, tapi juga dari keluarga, sahabat, dan bisa juga dari orang terdekat kita. Seperti cara kita menyayangi, menghormati, dan menghargai satu sama lain. Itulah kekuatan cinta (power of love).
Orang lain hanya mengetahui kekuatan cinta dengan lawan jenis, tapi kalau hati & mata dibuka dengan jelas kekuatan cinta ada di seluruh dunia ini.
Mulai dengan bumi, tuhan, alam, manusia yang hidup di bumi ini, dsb.

Kekuatan Cinta? Power Of Love? Apa sih artinya bagi kalian?
Tolong comment jawaban kalian.

My Girindra Diksita 18th Birthday ❤

Today is my boyfriend's 18th birthday. His name is Girindra Diksita. I call him Giri/Indra :) It's just so beautiful. January 18, 2012.
We've been dating for 1 year and 7 months now and this is our first time NOT celebrating his birthday together. So it's kinda odd for us because his parents can't seem to afford celebrating his birthday every year like what my mama does for my siblings and me.
Since December, I always been thinking about the perfect gift for his birthday. And until today, all I came up with is just a birthday cake. So I just ordered a birthday cake for him. Even though he can't celebrate it with me, at least my present is there to make him happy.
It doesn't have to be money, even though he needs it. It doesn't need to be expensive but the thought you remembered his birthday that counts. That would be the best present EVER!

Happy 18th Birthday my Girindra Diksita. Wish you all the best. Loveyou always & forever. ❤


I learned in life, getting something in return from parents, boyfriends, friends, and family on birthdays' or even anniversarys' isn't that important. They remember is all that counts the most.
When you love somebody, it's just that you never think about yourself, but you think about how he/she loves what you are doing to make he/she happy.



Everywhere I go, people seem to talk about EVERYTHING! About jobs, living, working, life and so much more. And it just keeps me thinking inside my head about what they say especially my mom.
I know everybody is different in their own way, but when you think about it we are actually the same! We are all the same people that have survived in this world. But people don't think that way. People group themselves into 2 different groups. The RICH vs The POOR.
What is the difference of RICH & POOR? The answer would be RICH has lots of money just to spend and POOR would have to work their butts off to get money. Why can RICH have maids and POOR can't? The answer would be RICH has money and POOR is the one that has to work for RICH to get the money so they can't have maids.
I always wonder why they're RICH people and POOR people. Are they the same people? Do they want to eat the same food? What are they like? Are they friendly? Are they RICH or POOR? People ask that to themselves all the time looking at the person for the first time EVER, well in my opinion!
It's not that being RICH or POOR is wrong but even though we are RICH or POOR we should always be polite to others. If you were to be RICH, you would want people to like you for who you are not just because you're the person with lots of money, right? If you were to be POOR, you would want people to like you for who you are not just because you are a regular person, right?
Being RICH or POOR it doesn't really matter. What matters is how you treat people the way you want to be treated. You want to have true friends, be a true friend to others. Be polite to every person you know, it's not just because you're forced to do it but you want to do it! Don't be arrogant! Be yourself! Be what you think yourself would be. Don't change because you are you. RICH or POOR, you'll still be you!
If your heart is good, the things you'll do in life will also turn out good as well. But if your heart is not good (bad), the things in your life will not be so good. Just don't hope for much.
RICH or POOR is just a dumb status! It's the goodness in you that makes you RICH not the money! And the POORER you get without every goodness within you! ❤


My BFFs Part 1

At Bali, Indonesia I had some chemistry with my friends not only the friends at my school but one of my friends that lives close to my house too. I called them my BFFs (best friends forever's).
They always had a special place in my heart till now. We did everything together. We were so close we were like sisters! So you could have knew what our friendship was like.
Our friendship wasn't that perfect. Each person has their own personality. Their own weakness. We had our fights and others talk about another but that is very common. Right?! So we tried to work everything out together.
I'll tell you about my BFFs :
• Dita : She's been my best friend since my first year in high school. She's like family to me and her family treats me like I'm apart of them too. She's a great person and I love her so much. But sometimes I just feel left out if she doesn't have time to talk or even hang out with me, but I understand she's busy with boyfriends, friends, and school. So I get it.
• Rosa : She has been my friend since the 10 Grade but we got close in the 11 Grade. We always sat together in class. She was somebody I can talk to in class and she would always stand up for me when I needed her. She is a reliable friend and I respect her for that. I'm glad I have her.
• Nouvhi : Nouvhi is a great friend. She has a great personality, fun to hang out with, and easy to talk to too. I became close with her in my senior year but we've been friends since the 11 Grade. At first, we didn't get along but in the next semester we got to be pretty close.
• Intan : She has known me since I was in junior high. Even though we were never in the same class back then, but she knew me. I got to know her in the 11 Grade and it wasn't very pretty. We had a stupid fight over money for some stupid project for school. After we settled it, it was okay. I kept having problems with her though! It's like a little thing can be a big deal for her. I don't know what is her problem! I've always been nice to her. I was really hurt about her when I was gonna leave Bali. She didn't come to my farewell party but she said in that morning she would come. As a best friend she should have tried to make it! And now, I'm not friends anymore. I thought she was a good person, but I guess I was wrong about her. I just wish she could change, not for me but for herself.
* to be continued *


BFFs </3

Since I was in kindergarden, I would always think about a BFF. And so many questions in my head about friends and BFF. Will I make many friends at school? Will they like me? Which people can you tell from just friends and BFF?
I remember like it was yesterday. It was my first day of school. I was in kindergarden Mrs. Black's am class. I didn't know ANYBODY! I am a shy person so it was pretty hard for me to make friends. And there was a girl just like me, the shy type. So our mom's just told us to hold hands and go to class. It was like at that instant I knew we're gonna be best friends and I was right. We're still best friends. Even though I had to moved.
Since I moved to Indonesia, I wasn't the kind of girl that would make friends fast! I was a shy person (same as always). I couldn't even speak fluent indonesian! So at school, i could hardly speak indonesian. I would sit in the corner by myself.
Years past by fast, and finally I can speak indonesian. And I can talk to the kids at my junior high school. I didn't have any best friends back then. Just friends. Friends that probably hang out with me because I was good at English. So I can't say they are my friends but I'm always nice and welcoming.
Three years past, and I started high school. Making new friends for me was the difficult part. I was always the aloner.
But I started to have best friends in my 11 grade. It was fun! We always hang out after school. Did everything together. I thought best friends were the people we can trust but I was mistaken for one my best friends.
I always seem to have problems with this one. So from that day, I couldn't trust her again till this day. So it's actually pretty hard to trust anybody at all. Even for people I thought was my BFF.


Mama :'

Ever since I was little, I would always look up to my mom. She was always my role model till this day. She was only the person who gave birth to me but she was the only parent I could trust and I felt she was the only person that loved my siblings and me. The only person that could understand how we felt and how we think. She was always there for me, even though she was busy with work. She would always think what's best for her children first than herself. I'm so grateful to have her! Every obstacle in our life, she was so strong to face it. She was strong for her children. And she never regret having us. She didn't seem to care what people would think about her. She would always smile to hide her sadness to show people that she is a happy person, even though she was suffering. But hey, that's life! I would always think about my mom. How far I am from her, my prayers will always be with her. I learned about the world from her. How hard our life is, my mom always taught me to NEVER ask help from people as long as we can do it ourselves. We have to be strong in our lives. My mom always reminded me and it will always be stuck in my head. I always thought that our lives would be like a fairytales that the endings will always end with happily ever after. But when I started to get older, I seem to understand that it is not always a happily ever after. I seem to understand my mom's life, my life and what's my propose in this world. I think almost everyday about this, and I just want to thank you mama for having me :'


My Dream: Being with mama

Since I've been in NY, everybody seems to wonder why I always stick to my mom. Like an envelope and stamp. Some people say, I shouldn't stick to my mom all the time. I should hang out with kids my age (like kids at my mom's church for example). But I just can't! It's not they aren't friendly, it's just me that's the problem.

* I've been away from my mom since the 5th grade, so at a young age, I had a BIG responsibility. To be a great daughter, a good sister, a protective parent, and also to be a student. So my life was NOT as easy as other kids.

* I've been separated from my mom for 9 YEARS. That's pretty long for a kid my age. Other kids can't be away from their mom even for 1 day and for my siblings and I it had to be 9 YEARS. So it was very tough for us. At our age, we needed Mama's love but never got it in person. We always got Mama's love thru gifts that Mama sent for us and telephone calls. That wasn't enough for us and even me especially. Even though we see each other when mama comes to Bali, but it's NOT the same.

* Before I went to high school, I always dreamt of coming back to the States to live with my mama, but it was hard for me to leave my sister and brother too. It's not just me that wants to live with mama. But time passed and I've finished high school so I just decided to stay with mama. Now, I am finally back and living with mama is a dream come true even though I see here only every weekends but it's better than I don't see at all :')