Cyber bullying, I've been there before.

I just watched the movie Cyberbully that was played by Emily Osment. It impressed me in a way. A lot of kids these days are being bullied on the internet especially on a social network. Like on Facebook, Myspace, or even Twitter. People that are the bullies may think it's funny being a cyber-bully, but it's wrong. I've been cyber-bullied before and I would tell you my story.


I remember like it was yesterday, Facebook was the hip social network and Twitter was just becoming popular in my school. I went to school at SMAK Santo Yoseph Denpasar Bali, Indonesia. I was in the 11th grade when I was being cyber-bullied from kids in the same grade as me.

I've been crazy about internet since I was in 9th grade when Friendster was the hip thing and then Facebook started I got more hyped about it. I love to update my status and upload my photos to Facebook. It was so cool to me. When the I was cyber-bullied by kids at my school in the 11th grade and my mom saw their words on my profile.

It was horrible! I was upset and nobody to talk to. Almost all the kids at my school hated me and picked on me on facebook. I just wanted to run away and delete my profile. They called me names, like fatty, coquettish (in indonesian), they would post that I look way different in my pictures than in real life, not even pretty, etc. But the funny part was the people I didn't even knew called me names and posted stuff on my facebook. And there were also kids that twittered me just mean things on Twitter. It's like my heart was made from stone. It's like they thought I wouldn't be heartbroken but I was and so disappointed too.

I always thought, what did I do to them? I don't even know them. Probably I see them at school but I don't know them that well. It always slipped in my mind what they said to me. It's my life not theirs and even the stuff they said before isn't even true. But at least I stood up for myself and never backed away from my problems. I just faced it day by day until the just started forgetting.

Typing right now about what they said about me is so sad and I wish it never happened to me but it did. I don't hate the people that called me names and tried to be tough in the cyberspace and behind my back and never had the guts to talk to me in person, but I wish they would understand if that happened to them. Something like that but worse.

We should stop cyberbullying to happen. It's wrong and the victims can be hurt because of the cyber-bullies words even though they thought it was just something fun to do. But to me, it's just wasting time and useless!

People said bad things (but I think I already erased & blocked the people that said bad things about me) but I fought back with these statuses.