​Happy Father's Day

JUNE 17, 2012 ♡

I just wanna wish Happy Father's Day to all the great dad's all over the world and in heaven. Thank you for being such great dad's even though you aren't the perfect dads' but you're the greatest!



​Happy 24 months Anniversary ❤

#JUNE2012 : I can't believe it's already been 2 years Girindra & I were dating! I thought it was just yesterday I started to date him. Wow.. Time flies so fast, huh?!

11.06.10 ❤
It the date we started to date ;;)
And 11 has always been my lucky number since we dated! (♥-̮♥)

#2yrsWISH : I hope we can still communicate and understand each other more than before, hope that we never fight, and especially have a longlasting relationship ♡

Now it's been 7 months apart from each other, I start thinking a long-distance relationship is good for the both of us. Even though it's hard, but we get to see the person we love from a different angle.

Astungkara we have an everlasting relationship and hope we are both just well together.



#chikaphotodesign ~ ME

My photo editing is getting more creative and better. Just loving it!

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Sabar buat kedua sahabatku :')

Tabahkan kedua sahabatku yang aku sayang dan kasihi, Novi & April. Hari ini mereka putus sama pacar masing-masing karena masalah. Moga-moga mereka bisa jalanin hari-hari mereka dengan biasa dan penuh keceriaan. Semangat iyaa ~
Mungkin dikemudian hari bakal mendapatkan yang lebih baik dan sangat baik daripada kemarin. Astungkara!

Maaf Chicha nggak bisa nemenin kalian berdua tapi kalau kalian mau cerita, Chicha ada kok buat kalian. I'm all ears for you ~

*Sabar iyaaa BFF Novi & April*

Love always,

Chicha :')

Hello, JUNE!

Hello hello.

JUNE is already here. So fast, huh?

Summer vacation is around the corner for the kids in school. So just have a great summer vacation where ever you're going. Happy JUNE! :D