RIP Paul Walker – My Favorite Actor

November 30, 2013 was a tragic day for #fastfurious fans and family.

Paul Walker died in a car crash after doing some good for the world, to help out the Philpphines.
He was a great & loved man, and also a wonderful actor. He died at the age of 40 and left his beautiful daughter behind, Meadows Walker and also family and fans.

I'm writing personally as a big fan of Paul Walker. I loved his acting and I still can't believe he's gone, but I know he has become an angel and is watching down on us. He will be missed and never be forgotten. Rest in Peace you handsome man, Paul W. Walker.

Latepost–Happy Birthday my Beloved BFFs❤️

November 13, 2013❤️

Is the day my best friend turned 20th. Even though I couldn't be there by her side, but the thought of the greetings and giving something special from deep in my heart counts.
I cherish everything she's done for me and grateful to have met her and got to know her.
I know it's just a late post, but everything about her means everything to me. She's not only my best friend or a girl I met in high school, but she's a sister, like family.
Love you Ni Made Ayu Noviantari❤️
The bestest friend a girl can have ♡