About Me

Hey guys,

Welcome to my blog "This Little World is Mine."

My name is Jessica but you can call me Chika. I'm 21 years old and currently studying Digital Photography and Visual Arts. I'm also a freelance photographer at @jerastudios (please check it out). I also open a new twitter called, @justaskmissj (please start following).

– @jerastudios: is the personal name of my photographs and photo designs. I named it J.E.R.A because it the abbreviation to my name.

– @justaskmissj: is a advice twitter and blog that I created today. I want to help kids that are older and younger from me to not make mistakes in their life. I had so many mistakes and wrong paths while growing up and I want to share my thoughts with others.

This is my timeline (the way I remember):

July 22, 1992 –––– Jessica Ekarahayu Astra
        Born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in an Indonesian family. I have 2 siblings and I'm the oldest in the family.

March 2002 ––––– Moved to Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia

June 2005 ––––––– Graduated from SDK Santo Yoseph Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia

July 2005-June 2008 –––––– Enrolled & Graduated from SMPK Santo Yoseph Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia

July 2008-June 2011 –––––– Enrolled & Graduated from SMAK Santo Yoseph Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia

December 2011 –––––– Moved to New York City, NY (USA)

March 2012-present ––––– Freelance Photographer/Photo Designer

August 20, 2013 ––––– Owner of @justaskmissj advisor

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