Are you a Child of God? Which God?

For about the past year, I've been in a religion dilemma. My mom is Christian and my dad is Hinduism and by the way, my parents' are divorced.
I followed my dad's religion ever since I was young and it's in my blood but since I moved with my mom, I've been going to church. I go to church because I want to respect my mom's wishes that she wants to move on with her life, be reborn again in her new life with Christ and go to church. I go for the sake of her and nobody else. It's not that I don't believe in God, but I already have a God that I believe in. Nothing personal though, it's just my heart has been filled up by something and someone else.

The people in my mom's church have been asking me to join in all the church events and some of them keep saying I should be baptist or I should come in the path if Christ. I respect them for doing that, promoting their lifestyles and their relationship with God, but to me I feel nausea and heartache at the same time. They always say they're the children of God. Am I not too? I am but just in different beliefs. Isn't that the same?

Recently, I have been having problems with some people. They're so devoted to church. But in my mind, I always thought that people who went to church or even devoted their life for church would be holy and sinnless, always lived their life thru their bible, and never made mistakes — but I guess I was wrong. These people do make mistakes like I do and also bad-mouth about other people all the time and they call me a non-believer of God?

Maybe I'm not a believer of Christ but I know I am a believer of God. I know he is there watching me all the time. I maybe just go to church not to worship God, just to respect my mom and her friends but I also pray my own way. Just because my religion is different doesn't mean I don't have a religion.

I respect all religions and everybody should do the same. I respect the holidays but other people don't respect mine. I respect every part of every religion but they never respect mine. Each religion is the same, just it was created a different way and with a different name.

Which child of God are you? Do you know which one you belong to? Do you respect the other children of God? I know I do.