Today, I went to my mom's church even though I'm NOT Christian I go to church just to accompany my mom. Is that wrong?
I'm Hindu. My mom used to be Hindu but when my mom and dad separated, my mom moved to Christian. That's why.
I learned something at church today. Well I learn about it also at my school at Bali from my religion teacher too.
It was about people that believes more in what other people say than in GOD or I call Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (ISHWW). He told us, we should believe in GOD no matter what. But people now a days believe more in what other people say, like gossiping about people that isn't even true. That's wrong. We should just trust our hearts and in GOD. Why should we listen what people are saying or even doing. That's not even right.
If some kids at your school were using drugs would you join them because they say drugs are for cool kids? Think smart and do the right thing!
If somebody told you your roommate likes to steal but you don't have no proof, would you stop talking to him/her in a instant? Would you believe that? Think and ask GOD!
If your friend talks bad things about your best friend in front of you, what would you say? What would you do? Believe him/her?
People just sometimes don't think straight and just BELIEVE! That's wrong! Don't just BELIEVE in other people, BELIEVE in yourself and in GOD.
Whatever religion you are doesn't matter. We all learn the same thing in different languages. So you don't have to be Christian just to learn this. I'm Hindu and I learn this. I bet all religions teach you the same thing.
Just remember to believe in your GOD and believe in yourself than believe in other people especially what they say it sometimes aren't true. Find the facts and then figure it out!

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