My BFFs Part 1

At Bali, Indonesia I had some chemistry with my friends not only the friends at my school but one of my friends that lives close to my house too. I called them my BFFs (best friends forever's).
They always had a special place in my heart till now. We did everything together. We were so close we were like sisters! So you could have knew what our friendship was like.
Our friendship wasn't that perfect. Each person has their own personality. Their own weakness. We had our fights and others talk about another but that is very common. Right?! So we tried to work everything out together.
I'll tell you about my BFFs :
• Dita : She's been my best friend since my first year in high school. She's like family to me and her family treats me like I'm apart of them too. She's a great person and I love her so much. But sometimes I just feel left out if she doesn't have time to talk or even hang out with me, but I understand she's busy with boyfriends, friends, and school. So I get it.
• Rosa : She has been my friend since the 10 Grade but we got close in the 11 Grade. We always sat together in class. She was somebody I can talk to in class and she would always stand up for me when I needed her. She is a reliable friend and I respect her for that. I'm glad I have her.
• Nouvhi : Nouvhi is a great friend. She has a great personality, fun to hang out with, and easy to talk to too. I became close with her in my senior year but we've been friends since the 11 Grade. At first, we didn't get along but in the next semester we got to be pretty close.
• Intan : She has known me since I was in junior high. Even though we were never in the same class back then, but she knew me. I got to know her in the 11 Grade and it wasn't very pretty. We had a stupid fight over money for some stupid project for school. After we settled it, it was okay. I kept having problems with her though! It's like a little thing can be a big deal for her. I don't know what is her problem! I've always been nice to her. I was really hurt about her when I was gonna leave Bali. She didn't come to my farewell party but she said in that morning she would come. As a best friend she should have tried to make it! And now, I'm not friends anymore. I thought she was a good person, but I guess I was wrong about her. I just wish she could change, not for me but for herself.
* to be continued *

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