Everybody loves to gossip, right? Women & men are the same actually and at any age. They can gossip about anything & anybody! In your opinion, is gossiping right or wrong?

Gossiping is one of the really bad habits of people. I know not everybody loves to gossip, but it's one of the top bad habits.

I have a story about a lady that likes to gossip a lot. (The names aren't real in my story).

Her name is Rachel. She has a friend named Katie. Katie trust her so much, she would always tell her problems with Rachel. Rachel on the other hand is a good friend to Katie but she has a big mouth. She can babble anything with anybody.
One day, Rachel had plans with her friend Tori, which was Katie's friend also. Rachel and Tori met at a diner and had lunch together. The talked and talked and then Rachel spilled Katie's secret to Tori. She forgot she wasn't supposed to tell anybody but she didn't seem to care.
The next day, Katie heard from Tori about her secret. Katie was surprised! How did Tori found out? Tori said that Rachel told me the other day but don't tell her I told you.
Katie was very angry at Rachel but anger wasn't going to solve anything. She was hurt too because she thought she could trust Rachel. She decided to not talk to Rachel until she apologized for her mistake.

From that story, we know that gossiping about somebody's problem or secret is a wrong thing. If our friend told us not to tell anybody, we should just shut our mouths instead of telling people. We can hurt people's feelings from doing that as well.

So from now on, we should gossip about what's right. Not talking about people's problems and secrets we know about. It's wrong because we can hurt somebody even though we were talking behind their backs. Gossipers!

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