Everywhere I go, people seem to talk about EVERYTHING! About jobs, living, working, life and so much more. And it just keeps me thinking inside my head about what they say especially my mom.
I know everybody is different in their own way, but when you think about it we are actually the same! We are all the same people that have survived in this world. But people don't think that way. People group themselves into 2 different groups. The RICH vs The POOR.
What is the difference of RICH & POOR? The answer would be RICH has lots of money just to spend and POOR would have to work their butts off to get money. Why can RICH have maids and POOR can't? The answer would be RICH has money and POOR is the one that has to work for RICH to get the money so they can't have maids.
I always wonder why they're RICH people and POOR people. Are they the same people? Do they want to eat the same food? What are they like? Are they friendly? Are they RICH or POOR? People ask that to themselves all the time looking at the person for the first time EVER, well in my opinion!
It's not that being RICH or POOR is wrong but even though we are RICH or POOR we should always be polite to others. If you were to be RICH, you would want people to like you for who you are not just because you're the person with lots of money, right? If you were to be POOR, you would want people to like you for who you are not just because you are a regular person, right?
Being RICH or POOR it doesn't really matter. What matters is how you treat people the way you want to be treated. You want to have true friends, be a true friend to others. Be polite to every person you know, it's not just because you're forced to do it but you want to do it! Don't be arrogant! Be yourself! Be what you think yourself would be. Don't change because you are you. RICH or POOR, you'll still be you!
If your heart is good, the things you'll do in life will also turn out good as well. But if your heart is not good (bad), the things in your life will not be so good. Just don't hope for much.
RICH or POOR is just a dumb status! It's the goodness in you that makes you RICH not the money! And the POORER you get without every goodness within you! ❤

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