BFFs </3

Since I was in kindergarden, I would always think about a BFF. And so many questions in my head about friends and BFF. Will I make many friends at school? Will they like me? Which people can you tell from just friends and BFF?
I remember like it was yesterday. It was my first day of school. I was in kindergarden Mrs. Black's am class. I didn't know ANYBODY! I am a shy person so it was pretty hard for me to make friends. And there was a girl just like me, the shy type. So our mom's just told us to hold hands and go to class. It was like at that instant I knew we're gonna be best friends and I was right. We're still best friends. Even though I had to moved.
Since I moved to Indonesia, I wasn't the kind of girl that would make friends fast! I was a shy person (same as always). I couldn't even speak fluent indonesian! So at school, i could hardly speak indonesian. I would sit in the corner by myself.
Years past by fast, and finally I can speak indonesian. And I can talk to the kids at my junior high school. I didn't have any best friends back then. Just friends. Friends that probably hang out with me because I was good at English. So I can't say they are my friends but I'm always nice and welcoming.
Three years past, and I started high school. Making new friends for me was the difficult part. I was always the aloner.
But I started to have best friends in my 11 grade. It was fun! We always hang out after school. Did everything together. I thought best friends were the people we can trust but I was mistaken for one my best friends.
I always seem to have problems with this one. So from that day, I couldn't trust her again till this day. So it's actually pretty hard to trust anybody at all. Even for people I thought was my BFF.

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