People I LOVE ☺ ❤

The people I LOVE ❤ :
1. MOM, Nanih Karim ❤
Mama is really a special person in my life. She has always been there for me thru think and thin. Even though she loves to tease me, but I still love her and I know she loves me too! She is my SUPERMOM. If I were making a comic book, she would be my number 1 character.
My Mama :)

2. Caithlyn, baby sister ❤
Even though she's getting bigger and bigger, she will always be my baby sister. We always do EVERYTHING together. We're really close even though we fight a lot. We're like paper and glue! 난 그녀가 너무 사랑해! ❤
Caithlyn & Me being narcissistic 

3. Ethan, baby brotha ❤
Ethan. Ethan. Ethan. He's sometimes a pain, but I still love him. I guess without him in my life, it feels empty. He brings the laughter in me. And sometimes the anger too.
Me & Ethan so narcissistic 

4. BF, Girindra Diksita ❤
He is the BEST BF EVER! Can't say it in a lot of words but hey he's the BEST to me. He's childish, but I guess I like him that way sometimes. It's kind of cute! ❤
GiriChika ;smooch; :*

5. BFFs, Dita & Nouvhi ❤
Their the best! Dita has been my best friend since my high school years. We're really close and we act like sisters! We do everything together. Nouvhi has been my friend since the 11 Grade. And we meet wasn't that pretty! But we started over and became the BFFs. She's just a great person. A pal to talk to, to laugh with, to be narcissistic with, she's a lot of fun to hang. They're the best thing that happened in my life!
BFFs :*

6. Andry, pretend adopted son ❤
The way I met him was pretty funny though, it's like it was yesterday. Girindra and me were on the way going somewhere and all of the sudden Andry told him to pick him up at school. So we picked him up, the 3 of us on a motorcycle. We laughed about it on the way home and Andry kept on calling me 'Mama' from that day till now sometimes. And now he's just the person I can always count on!
Chika & Andry @ manggrove :)

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