I Miss You All

November 29, 2011

I remember this date so well. It felt like it was yesterday I left. I had to leave my sister & brother, my boyfriend, my BFFs, and the place where I grew up for 9 years, BALI.
It was so difficult for me to leave. I had so much memories. So many things that I had to cry about.
I remembered before I left that night, my boyfriend, Girindra, had college. He's friends and even he's teacher were so supporting. He got to home earlier just to take me to the airport. In my heart and mind, that was the most sweetest thing EVER! It made me cry just thinking about it.
It was hard even to say goodbye to my best friend FOREVER, Dita. We cried together when I came to her house. We did everything together. We always had time for each other. And suddenly, we're gonna be far away it was hard for both of us. She's like my own sister! Just thinking about her, I miss her even more.
The most difficult people to say goodbye and see you soon was my little sister and brother, Caithlyn and Ethan. 9 years together and suddenly we're apart again. I cried hugging each one and they tried not to cry in front of me but I kept crying till I got inside.


  • Caithlyn Dwi Agustina A.
  • Ethan Ryan Satria N.
  • I Pt. Girindra Diksita
  • I Wayan Andriana
  • Ni Made Ayu Noviantari
  • Putu IndraDita

Dita, Nouvhi, and Me

Caithlyn, Me, and Ethan

Sayang, Me, and Andry

Caithlyn & Me

Chika & Dita

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