What is our purpose in LIFE? Some people think is going to school, working, being married and having the perfect family but is there more to our LIFE? Why did GOD create us? How did GOD create us? What does GOD want us to do in LIFE?
People say "GOD is the one who created us and this world." That's true but why? So we can be GOD's toy? Or is there another purpose in LIFE?
Why do we live like this? Why do we feel so many emotions? Why do people hurt one another? Why can we like one another especially other genders?
People have so many questions about LIFE even I do sometime. I wonder what should I do in LIFE. What's my purpose? Why do people hurt me just for being nice to others? So many questions that can't be answer. The only answer from other people will always be "be strong and be patience." People can always say that because other people don't feel like what I have felt in LIFE.

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