My Dream: Being with mama

Since I've been in NY, everybody seems to wonder why I always stick to my mom. Like an envelope and stamp. Some people say, I shouldn't stick to my mom all the time. I should hang out with kids my age (like kids at my mom's church for example). But I just can't! It's not they aren't friendly, it's just me that's the problem.

* I've been away from my mom since the 5th grade, so at a young age, I had a BIG responsibility. To be a great daughter, a good sister, a protective parent, and also to be a student. So my life was NOT as easy as other kids.

* I've been separated from my mom for 9 YEARS. That's pretty long for a kid my age. Other kids can't be away from their mom even for 1 day and for my siblings and I it had to be 9 YEARS. So it was very tough for us. At our age, we needed Mama's love but never got it in person. We always got Mama's love thru gifts that Mama sent for us and telephone calls. That wasn't enough for us and even me especially. Even though we see each other when mama comes to Bali, but it's NOT the same.

* Before I went to high school, I always dreamt of coming back to the States to live with my mama, but it was hard for me to leave my sister and brother too. It's not just me that wants to live with mama. But time passed and I've finished high school so I just decided to stay with mama. Now, I am finally back and living with mama is a dream come true even though I see here only every weekends but it's better than I don't see at all :')

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