Mama :'

Ever since I was little, I would always look up to my mom. She was always my role model till this day. She was only the person who gave birth to me but she was the only parent I could trust and I felt she was the only person that loved my siblings and me. The only person that could understand how we felt and how we think. She was always there for me, even though she was busy with work. She would always think what's best for her children first than herself. I'm so grateful to have her! Every obstacle in our life, she was so strong to face it. She was strong for her children. And she never regret having us. She didn't seem to care what people would think about her. She would always smile to hide her sadness to show people that she is a happy person, even though she was suffering. But hey, that's life! I would always think about my mom. How far I am from her, my prayers will always be with her. I learned about the world from her. How hard our life is, my mom always taught me to NEVER ask help from people as long as we can do it ourselves. We have to be strong in our lives. My mom always reminded me and it will always be stuck in my head. I always thought that our lives would be like a fairytales that the endings will always end with happily ever after. But when I started to get older, I seem to understand that it is not always a happily ever after. I seem to understand my mom's life, my life and what's my propose in this world. I think almost everyday about this, and I just want to thank you mama for having me :'

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