My Girindra Diksita 18th Birthday ❤

Today is my boyfriend's 18th birthday. His name is Girindra Diksita. I call him Giri/Indra :) It's just so beautiful. January 18, 2012.
We've been dating for 1 year and 7 months now and this is our first time NOT celebrating his birthday together. So it's kinda odd for us because his parents can't seem to afford celebrating his birthday every year like what my mama does for my siblings and me.
Since December, I always been thinking about the perfect gift for his birthday. And until today, all I came up with is just a birthday cake. So I just ordered a birthday cake for him. Even though he can't celebrate it with me, at least my present is there to make him happy.
It doesn't have to be money, even though he needs it. It doesn't need to be expensive but the thought you remembered his birthday that counts. That would be the best present EVER!

Happy 18th Birthday my Girindra Diksita. Wish you all the best. Loveyou always & forever. ❤


I learned in life, getting something in return from parents, boyfriends, friends, and family on birthdays' or even anniversarys' isn't that important. They remember is all that counts the most.
When you love somebody, it's just that you never think about yourself, but you think about how he/she loves what you are doing to make he/she happy.

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