Love is such a strong word. Even a strong feeling! Love can sometimes make us blind. Sometimes it can make us crazy like it's some kind of drug. Sometimes it can also be serious. It can also be hurtful.

Love is wonderful thing in our life. We learn how to love one another, from family, friends, best friends, and even special people in our life.

You don't have to be an expert in Love or what people call now a days is "Love Doctor." Love is a learning experience. You can learn from your mistakes when you love somebody. That's why in love and dating there are steps or process to find the true meaning of love itself.

It's not that I'm an expert in love or anything, but I felt it, the way a person is suppose to love another. From getting to know one another, dating, caring, loving, and now trusting.

I felt hurt and happiness with my boyfriend and we can always get thru our relationship. Even though we're far away now, we always know we love each other and have to trust one another.

Love can just change someone's life. Just like it changed mine. ❤

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