Are you a cutter? If you are, please stop cutting yourself..

Recently, one of my KPOP idols, Key from SHINee – reached out to a fan to incouraged her to stop cutting..
Even though Key is busy with his schedule and his life, he is still able to care for his fans. He's watching over his fans through instagram.♥️

I've seen her instagram page and also the comments on the pictures she posts. Some people said that she did it to get attention but I bet that's not true..

I know I've never done cutting before or never will try too, but I've seen my younger sister cut herself and helped her stop cutting. So I want to help you from cutting too.

"Dear Cutter,
You are beautiful and amazing. Please stop cutting yourself. There are so many people out there who love you, even friends from the same kpop fandom. I'm willing to be right by your side and be your friend. You are not alone.. Please love yourself and cherish your body. Stop cutting today! ♥️"

If you have somebody you know who likes to cut him/herself. Please help that person or find somebody to help. Incourage them to be a better person. Love them and care for them. #STOPCUTTINGTODAY

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