Dearest My Beloved BFFs

Dear BFFs,

I just wanted to write to you guys. I hope you'll read it. Even though not today but someday. I wrote this in English, but you can translate it if you get to read this and don't understand. I just want to say sorry to each and every one of you if I did something wrong or have hurt you in the past.

  • To Dita :
I just want to say sorry if I've ever hurt your feelings and haven't been a great sister or best friend to you. I hope that you will forgive me for all the bad things I've done or probably words that I said that made you fell sad and disappointed in me. I care about you as my best friend and little sister. I think about you and what is best for you as well. I hope you understand my feelings towards you and I hope our friendship will be to the end of our life together. Love you ~

  • To Nouvhi :
I just want to apologize for everything I've done to hurt you or even made you feel disappointed. Even though we misunderstand each other sometimes and get in to little fights, but we can never be angry at each other because we care to much about each other. I hope our friendship will last forever. Until our children can be best friends like us. Love you ~

  • To Intan :
I'm sorry Intan, if I had hurt your feelings. I made you hate me and being angry at me. Fighting is always a cure to become good friends, that's what I've heard. I miss talking to you and joking around with you. Even though you don't like me or even treat me as your BFFs anymore, that's okay. I still care for you. I hope we can put our differences behind us and start a new page in our book of friendship. I still want us to be friends and I hate fighting and talking about each other behind each others back. I hope you will still forgive me. Friends Forever. Love you ~

  • To April :
Even though I haven't met you in person, but I know you'll be my BFFs too. We get along so well even though it's only on facebook and twitter. But it feels like I knew you my whole life. I also want to say sorry if I ever hurt your feelings with my words. I hope we can be friends until we get old. Love you ~

Thank you BFFs for wanting to be my BFFs and want to get to know me. I hope we can all forgive each other for what we did in the past and make a new future ahead of us for our friendship. I forgive you all even though you hurt me on purpose or not. But I hope one day, we can understand our differences and become friends until we get old.
I'm sorry again if I've hurt your feelings in the past and for in the future. I just want to be honest, deep in my heart that I'm so sorry. I hope you'll forgive me.

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