Good Morning April ~ 01.04.2012

Happy April Fools Day everyone and Happy April :)

It's already April, wow. Time files so fast huh?

Just want to wish everyone here, hopefully in April you all are healthy, happy and successful in anything in life!

My own #Aprilwish :

  1. Longlast with my boyfriend, Girindra Diksita.
  2. Longlast friendship with my BFFs Dita, Nouvhi, Intan, April and Andry.
  3. Get a great job so I can help my mom.
  4. Be a professional photographer.
  5. Can bring my lil' sis and bro here to AMERICA :)
That's my #Aprilwish.

So, Happy April everyone. Enjoy your weekend and for those of you on spring break, have a great spring break!

Bye ~

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