Today I've been looking at photos that I took with you guys and was posted on Facebook. It got me start thinking about you guys and how much I miss hanging out with you! It also made me cry.

Before I met you and even Facebook was even invented (Friendster was hip when I was in junior high), I always thought it was a phase in my life to be and live in BALI. Especially, I'm a shy person. But I guess, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi gave me a chance to live and to be in BALI for a reason, to meet YOU.

I never seem to regret meeting YOU before or even now. Even though we had some fights, misunderstanding, happy and even sad moments together. But that's what's so special about our relationship. Our memories in the past are worth wild and so unforgettable.

I love you guys from the moment we started our friendship. Through thick and thin we'll be together until old. So our kids can have a friendship like us.

Thank you for making my life so colorful and having unforgettable memories.
I'll never regret having you by my side ~

♥ Chicha

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