Feelings : Disappointment

Have you ever felt disappointed in life? Have you ever felt your own best friend just let you down when you needed them the most? Have you? Well I have! I always seem to feel that feeling.

I always felt disappointed in my best friends. Sometimes when I need somebody to talk too, nobody will be around to hear me out! They'll be busy with something else. Just thinking about it hurts me already. When you really trust someone especially when you think they're your BFFs, they just hurt you but they feel they didn't hurt you at all. Is that a BFFs if they do that?

Just think about it! For example, I'm your best friend and I miss you. We live far away so we can't call locally or text. I wanna talk to you and try to contact you thru the internet and you never seem to be online. I ask somebody to contact you. Like your friend or boyfriend. What would your reaction be? Say "oh okay, I'll be online." Or just say "tell him/her I don't feel like it."
What would you feel listening to one of those options? When we need somebody the most, they're not here! When they need us, we always seem to be there for them.

But have you ever thought about the person you've been hurting?! The person you are proud to call BFFs! Have you ever thought of their feelings toward your actions?!

People never seem to want to know what their mistake is or was. They feel they didn't do anything. And then just forget! Not only actions can hurt people. But your words can hurt them too. Think about people's feelings! Not just yours.

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