Weekend at Washington DC :)

Last weekend, my mom and I went to DC for my beloved cousin, Kania's bday. Since my mom had a day off from her work on Thursday afternoon, we left on Thursday afternoon around 3.30 PM. We were gonna use Bolt Bus but since the next one was 6.30, we didn't wanna wait and left with a chinese bus called Eastern Bus. It was one bumpy ride and you guys just don't wanna know about it!! It was so crazy it felt like the bus was gonna fall.

So, we got there at 8 o'clock and my aunt, Tante Oni, picked us up right after she was done from work. We at Sakana (Japanese Resto), it was the best! Especially the sushi, since I LOVE SUSHI!! LOL. After that, we went to Tante Oni's home and we say Kania, Katiya and Alex. It was great to see them again!

The next day, we planned to go to the Fish Market. My mom was gonna make her famous CRAB for dinner. So, Kania, my mom and I went there and bought like 2 dozen of alive crab. So one the way home we bought ingredients to make the crab, salad and es campur. When we got home, we helped my mom cooking and stuff. Kania at 4'o clock had to leave for a fashion show rehearsal at her school so it just was my mom and me doing the rest of the cooking. When we finally finished, I took a shower and got ready.

That night, Tante Oni's friends from work came to have dinner with us. They were enjoying the crab my made. Of course they were enjoying it! It was the best!! :)

The next day, we woke up very early coz Kania and Alex had swimming lessons. So we all went to take them and we looked around there. From there we went to the Botanical Garden. It was a little like the Manggrove Forest at Bali. It was fun!! Here are some pictures we took. :)

Mama & Katiya
Katiya, Alex, Mama and Kania

Me, Mama, and Kania

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